Hey Bill Maher, Colorado Needs You

We need your help with this one. I know, I know. We ask you to sign a lot of petitions. If you haven’t signed one in a while, please take a moment right now to sign this one.

Have you heard about this #FlipADistrict thing HBO’s Bill Maher is doing on his show? He’s asking folks to help him pick a truly terrible member of Congress, and then he’ll spend the next few months shining a national spotlight on the selected “loser of a Congressman”. The goal is to flip the district to someone better.

Well, Bill Maher has narrowed the #FlipADistrict field down to his final four. And Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District made the cut!

Bill Maher says he wants to “outright meddle” in the political process. And we want to welcome him to Colorado to meddle away.

So we’ve started a petition to ask Bill Maher to pick Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, held by Mike Coffman, as the district to flip. The goal: get as many signatures as possible to deliver in-person to Bill Maher and convince him to meddle in Colorado.

Bill Maher will make his announcement live on his September 12th show. That doesn’t give us much time. Sign now – and get everyone you know to sign. Let’s help Mike Coffman “win” #FlipADistrict.

Ready? Set. GO!

Click here to tell Bill Maher to Flip Our District.

Let’s win this!

Amy Runyon-Harms