Help us send Karl Rove packing

Once again, an ‘Obamascare’ horror story on the air in Colorado has turned out to be a fake.

Tell Karl Rove to take his latest false ad off the air now.

You’ve probably seen a new television ad from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS group that began airing in Colorado this week to help Republican Cory Gardner, featuring a Castle Rock woman who claims she had to go back to work because her family “couldn’t afford our [health] plan.”

But when asked for details by local reporter Eli Stokols of FOX 31 in Denver, the subject of the ad admitted that the reason for her going back to work in 2010 ”wasn’t the Affordable Care Act.” [1]

In fact, Obamacare had not yet even taken effect. The whole ad is based on a deception.

The right wing has spent millions of dollars spreading false information about the Affordable Care Act. Cory Gardner has made Obamacare scare tactics the central theme of his campaign. Their willingness to mislead voters for political gain on this critical issue has done a terrible disservice to the entire nation. The truth is, Colorado’s rate of uninsured has dropped from 17% to only 11% since Obamacare has been fully implemented according to a new report from Gallup out last week. [2] But Cory Gardner and Karl Rove can’t admit the truth.

Enough is enough: it’s time for Cory Gardner and out-of-state special interests to stop misleading the people of Colorado. Sign our petition right now telling Karl Rove to take down his misleading ad.

It’s amazing that Karl Rove and the right wing is still trying to deceive the public about Obamacare after so many millions of Americans are reaping the benefits. Even worse, they can’t find ‘victims’ of health care reform, so they make them up out of thin air. This willful deception of the public has gone on too long, and it’s time for it to stop.

Thanks for your help stopping it in Colorado.


Amy Runyon-Harms