As I said in my message on Saturday, America is facing an immigration crisis. And when we need leadership the most, Colorado’s congressional leaders are letting us all down.

As you probably know, President Obama signed an order in 2012 stopping deportations for many undocumented students. This was intended as a temporary measure, to be followed up by comprehensive immigration reform from Congress. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress like Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman have refused to act–and even helped kill bipartisan immigration reform legislation that had already passed the U.S. Senate.

If you haven’t already, sign our petition right now demanding Gardner and Coffman take real action for immigration reform.

The result of Gardner and Coffman’s stalling on immigration reform has been disastrous. Without congressional action on immigration reform, hundreds of thousands of children have been left in limbo. Even worse, Obama’s compassionate act to help immigrant students has been cruelly undermined. Undocumented children, many of them without adults accompanying them, have overwhelmed our border checkpoints, and there aren’t enough resources to handle them. All of this could have been avoided if Congress would simply do its job.

Gardner and Coffman both voted against President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) repeatedly. Last week, to save their political skins, Gardner and Coffman finally voted the other way–but thanks to their years of strident opposition to immigration reform, we’re still no closer to a solution.

Tell Gardner and Coffman: we hold the right wing responsible for what’s happening on the border, and it’s years past time to do something.

While the crisis in America’s immigration system rages out of control, Gardner and Coffman are playing political games instead of taking action to solve the problem. It’s not just that America and Colorado deserve better from our public officials. At this moment, more than ever, we need better–but all Gardner and Coffman have to offer is more of the same.

Help us send the message right now: if we don’t get progress now, politicians like Gardner and Coffman will pay the price in November.

Thank you,

Amy Runyon-Harms