Tuesday, June 24th, 2014
CONTACT: Amy Runyon-Harms, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: As one of Colorado’s most storied political losers, “Both Ways Bob” Beauprez, claimed the 2014 Republican gubernatorial nomination tonight, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, released the following statement:

“Republicans have set themselves up for disaster in November by nominating Both Ways Bob,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “Eight years ago, Beauprez was crushed in a race for this same office after a campaign plagued by scandals over abortion, immigration, and Beauprez’s past record in Congress. One prime example: Beauprez falsely claimed on the campaign trail that 70% of African-American pregnancies ‘end in abortion,’ for which he was later forced to apologize.”

“Beauprez spent most of his last run for office running away from his record,” said Runyon-Harms. “Beauprez earned his nickname ‘Both Ways Bob’ after waffling on 2005’s Referendum C. He also tried unsuccessfully to flip-flop on his prior support for the Referendum A ‘water grab,’ privatizing Social Security, and an irresponsible measure from the right-wing Independence Institute regarding ballot initiatives known as Amendment 38. By election day in 2006, everyone knew they couldn’t trust Both Ways Bob–and that’s why he lost by seventeen points.”

“Since Beauprez’s devastating loss in 2006, he’s gone completely off the deep end,” said Runyon-Harms. “In interviews, speeches, and opinion columns, Beauprez has speculated whether ‘civil war’ would be justified against the federal government, indulged fringe “birther” conspiracies over the President’s citizenship, suggested that climate change is a ‘giant hoax foisted upon the world,’ and even agreed with extremists trying to secede from the state he’s now trying to lead. Beauprez has disqualified himself repeatedly since 2006 from ever holding public office again. How does Beauprez plan to explain away saying of President Obama, ‘if this guy is an American citizen, he’s a different kind of an American than virtually any that I know?'”

“Apparently, Republicans have amnesia,” said Runyon-Harms. “Both Ways Bob Beauprez is a proven loser, and he just assured Colorado Republicans more losses in November.