For years, Cory Gardner has proudly been on the fringe of the debate over women’s reproductive rights. Gardner has repeatedly endorsed ballot measures and introduced legislation to ban all abortions in Colorado, making no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. Gardner campaigned for Congress in 2010 on a platform of support for the notorious “Personhood” abortion ban measure, which failed by over 70% of the vote that year.

Friday afternoon, in a “bombshell” report in the Denver Post, Gardner claimed “I can’t support personhood going forward.” The reason is simple: Gardner knows that his longtime support for a total ban on abortion in Colorado could cost him the election.

Don’t let Cory Gardner run away from his record: tell Gardner to stop misleading Colorado voters about his support for banning abortion.

In 2007, Gardner introduced a bill in the Colorado legislature to make abortion a class 3 felony. In 2008, Gardner proudly supported the first Personhood abortion ban, Amendment 48. He publicly announced his support for the 2010 Personhood abortion ban, Amendment 62, in a televised 9NEWS debate. In Congress in 2011, Gardner co-sponsored legislation to “redefine” the crime of rape to restrict access to abortion by rape victims.

Just last year, Congressman Gardner sponsored the Life at Conception Act: a near-clone of the Colorado Personhood abortion bans that would outlaw abortion beginning “at the moment of fertilization.”

Gardner now claims he “started to rethink” banning abortion after 2010, when Colorado voters rejected Personhood by over 70%, but how can that be true when he just last year co-sponsored Personhood for the entire nation? It just doesn’t add up.

One you know all the facts, it’s painfully obvious: Gardner is afraid of his anti-women record and is trying to run away from it. The only reason Gardner is pretending to “rethink” this issue is he knows his record will repel women and independent voters. Gardner knows that Colorado women decided the last U.S. Senate election against Ken Buck in 2010, and he doesn’t want to share Buck’s fate.

But it’s too late, and Colorado women know a cowardly flip-flop when they see one. Sign our petition right now: tell Cory Gardner to stop misleading the voters on his anti-women, anti-choice record. We’ll share your names and comments with Gardner’s campaign, the press, and other elected officials. Working together, we’ll make sure everyone in Colorado knows the truth about “Con Man Cory” Gardner before November.


Amy Runyon-Harms