ProgressNow Colorado, partners to continue campaign started by ‘Stand Up to ALEC’ National Day of Action

Monday, January 27 2014
CONTACT: Amy Runyon-Harms, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: In the wake of last week’s Stand Up to ALEC National Day of Action, which saw actions in nearly two dozen states, groups from across the country including ProgressNow Colorado are launching a new weekly program called “Mondays with ALEC”–a series of actions aimed at exposing the full corporate-funded, profit-driven agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

“ALEC has put corporate profits before people in state houses across our country, and it’s time that the people are given a chance to fight back,” said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of ProgressNow. “Mondays with ALEC will show the depth of the ALEC agenda. From increasing income inequality, to racist, draconian, unconstitutional immigration laws, to selling public education to the highest bidder, and incinerating the environment to benefit its corporate overlords, the ALEC agenda is wrong for America and the time is now to take a stand.”

Led by ProgressNow and groups such as the National Employment Law Project and Good Jobs First, the first “Mondays with ALEC” will focus on ALEC’s record on wages and income inequality, which includes eliminating the minimum wage and repealing paid sick leave for working people.

“ALEC is the worst influence in Colorado politics you’ve never heard of,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “We’ve been calling attention to this organization’s troubling role in Colorado lawmaking for years. It’s time for Colorado lawmakers with ties to ALEC to come out of the shadows, and explain to the voters who has been helping them push bad ideas in our state.”

ALEC’s agenda on income inequality goes beyond simply calling it a “myth”, with the group spearheading over 100 different bills across the country aimed at weakening wage standards and making it harder for working people to achieve the American Dream.

Today’s ‘Mondays with ALEC’ and last week’s National Day of Action comes in the wake of documents released by The Guardian last month which show ALEC has lost significant corporate and state legislative support in the last year, causing a major financial shortfall for the organization.

More information on the National Day of Action and the Mondays with ALEC program can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter at @standuptoalec.