For years, we’ve been working to expose a right-wing group with enormous, but under-reported, influence in Colorado politics. The work of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has become a major controversy in many states, and news reports last week show the organization is losing major donors and member legislators by the dozens.

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Last week, The Guardian published internal ALEC documents that reveal details about how the organization pushes “model legislation” in state capitals around America–including here in Colorado–that overwhelmingly benefits corporations. [1] The Colorado Independent, a local progressive news outlet, reported more details on ALEC’s proposed “loyalty oaths” to be taken by our legislators, corporate lobbyist collusion in drafting legislation, and direct connections between Colorado legislators and ALEC. [2]

ALEC’s purpose is to directly influence legislation at the state level, but for years it has denied spending a penny on lobbying. The new information disclosed this week about ALEC shows once again what this secretive organization really is: a lobbying group for its corporate funders who develop bad legislation with corporate lobbyist and right-wing extremist input, and even paying for lawmakers’ trips to meet with those lobbyists about these bills.

Sign our petition calling on every member of the Colorado legislature to disclose their relationship with ALEC.

Here in Colorado, our research has uncovered dozens of bills stemming from ALEC’s model legislation. In the past few years, ALEC-manufactured bills to weaken Colorado’s common sense gun laws, cripple public education, attack the rights of consumers, and limit access to voting have been repeatedly proposed–and unfortunately, some have become law.

The exposure of ALEC’s unethical influence in state legislatures across America has led to scores of corporate sponsors and member legislators renouncing their ties to ALEC. In Colorado, it’s time for our elected officials to get the message: ALEC’s time is up. Sign our petition telling every Colorado legislator to come clean about ALEC’s role in bills they have proposed. We’ll deliver your names and comments to the General Assembly and the press.

Thanks for standing up for transparency in government. The people of Colorado deserve to know who is really behind the legislation being debated and passed by their representatives.


Alan Franklin