For many years before and during college, I worked for a local electronics retailer. Year after year, I served on the front lines of “Black Friday,” working a fourteen hour day to help customers find the products they wanted on the biggest shopping day of the year. Like many of you, I know what it’s like to work in retail sales in America.

The world’s biggest retailer, Walmart, grosses over 400 billion dollars per year. Why are these hard working Americans making poverty wages? It’s just not right.

As you know, Walmart stores across the country are holding Black Friday sales events. Around the country, including here in Colorado, Walmart workers and supporters like me are going to stand up and demand better. Can you join us this Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, as we stand up to Walmart, call for an end to retaliation against workers fighting for better conditions–and demand a living wage of $25,000 a year for full-time Walmart workers?

Click here for all the details: protest locations, materials, and social media connections to make your voice heard this Black Friday.

At Walmart, many full-time employees work for less than it costs to feed their families. That’s why Walmart consistently has the largest number of employees who are also forced to rely on public assistance. Worst of all, Walmart routinely fires, intimidates, or otherwise retaliates against employees who speak up for themselves.

We can do better. Walmart can do better. This Friday, join me and thousands of Americans as we speak out for hard working underpaid retail workers. Let’s send a message to corporate executives and politicians across the nation: we believe every American who works full time should be able to feed their family on what they earn.

Thank you,

Alan Franklin