Yes on Amendment 66Politics make it hard to find common ground sometimes, but there are some things we should all be able to agree on. Like our kids. We all agree that kids in school deserve good teachers and functioning classrooms. Here in Colorado, we’re trying lots of new ideas to improve our public schools. We don’t always agree on every idea, but we can all agree that we want schools to meet the educational needs of our kids and our economy.

Right now, Colorado is voting on an important education finance measure, Amendment 66. Chances are, you’ve got a ballot with this measure on your desk right now. The best minds in Colorado education—and education reform—have worked together to produce this comprehensive solution to our state’s chronic school finance problems.

Amendment 66 gives our schools what they need to do better. Education reforms passed several years ago established comprehensive standards for academic performance at each grade level, and in every subject. We’ve passed new teacher evaluation standards, completely overhauled early literacy programs, and worked to keep special education current with the latest advances.

We’re well along the path of modernizing our education system in Colorado, but our schools need the resources to meet the new challenges. That’s why we need Amendment 66.

Like I said, in politics, we often don’t agree on every detail. Sometimes political fights over policy get very heated. But everyone agrees that our kids need a great education to compete in this global economy. The hard fact is, Colorado has been underfunding, and unequally funding, our public schools for many years. Even after Amendment 66 passes, Colorado’s tax rates will be far below the national average.

Please join me and my family as we vote YES on Amendment 66 this year. Voting yes on Amendment 66 is the right thing to do for our kids, and our neighbors’ kids, and the prosperous future we all want. Let’s put aside our differences long enough to take this positive step for everybody.

To learn more about Amendment 66, click here. Please share this message with all of your Colorado friends and neighbors, and encourage them to vote yes as well.