No more shutdownsLast week, “Tea Party” Republicans were defeated after shutting down the government for over two weeks and threatening the first-ever default on the nation’s financial obligations, all to further their political agenda. The headlines today are full of stories of Republicans running scared, with many saying they will never again make the mistake of holding the nation hostage to alter the law of the land.

But not Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado.Coffman went on the radio after the shutdown ended to celebrate–even going so far as to praise the fact that last week’s agreement was “a very short term measure,” giving Republicans “breathing space” to keep the fight that led to the crisis alive.

What is Coffman thinking? Tell him to back off right now.

Last week, Coffman praised the tactic of threatening a default on the nation’s debts on KOA radio. [1] “In the last debt ceiling negotiation, we got conditions that in fact really made a difference in terms of bringing down spending,” Coffman said, referring to the painful sequester cuts from 2011 that have reduced funding for education, defense, children’s health, victims’ rights, and job programs. While most of the nation wants the obstruction and uncertainty to end, Mike Coffman is actually looking forward to the next Republican-engineered fiscal crisis.

That’s the wrong choice. If you haven’t already, sign our pledge telling members of Congress to swear off the tactics of shutdown and default for good. We’ll make sure Coffman sees it. Enough is enough.