Never againLast night, the latest right-wing attack on our shared values and good government failed. Republicans gave up on their irresponsible plot to shut the federal government down and threaten an unprecedented default on the nation’s financial obligations just to further their political agenda. Today, the overwhelming majority of Americans are disgusted by the harm the government shutdown caused and the foolishness of right-wing politicians—including all four of Colorado’s Republican members of Congress, Reps. Mike Coffman, Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner, and Doug Lamborn—in forcing this unnecessary crisis on the entire nation.

But if we don’t stand up right now and demand better, they’re going to do it all over again in a few months.Click here to tell our members of Congress to pledge to never again threaten to shut down the government, or default on the nation’s financial obligations.

Although Republicans failed to obtain any of their demands, the legislation that reopened the government and extended the nation’s credit authority only lasts until January. That means the right wing will try it all again, unless they understand that the political cost will outweigh the gains. Polling has shown that a huge majority of Americans always opposed the right’s “hostage taking” tactics, and as the shutdown wore on, the public turned even more strongly against conservatives. Polls say that Republicans could actually lose the House after the dramatic loss of support they suffered during the shutdown.

What Americans want is progress. We are sick of the mindless partisanship that has controlled conservative politics since Barack Obama became president, and we want Republicans to stop throwing tantrums and start working with the President instead of opposing his every move.

The only way that will happen is if conservatives understand that we won’t tolerate their destructive games any longer. Click here to sign our petition, asking our members of Congress to swear off the tactics of shutdown and default for good. We’ll share your comments with lawmakers and the press. Take this opportunity right now to make your voice heard.

Above all, I know that Americans are better than the antics we’ve seen in Washington for the past few weeks. If we hold our officials to a higher standard, maybe we can get them to show some of the common sense we take for granted every day. Thank you for doing your part.