nomorerecalls.jpgI’ve never seen anything like this. They’re at it again.

In Washington DC, radical Republicans have shut down the federal government and are now threatening massive damage to the nation’s economy by defaulting on the nation’s debts—all to stop Obamacare. Obamacare passed into law three years ago, and the Supreme Court has upheld the law. Millions of Americans are about to start reaping the benefits of health care reform, but the right wing has resorted to taking hostages: first forcing a government shutdown and now threatening to default on the nation’s debts, which could mean higher interest rates and job losses.

Here in Colorado, Republicans are trying to distract us from pressing issues like recovery from the recent devastating floods with even more costly and unnecessary recall elections. Right-wing extremists have been losing elections in Colorado year after year, even in so-called “wave years,” but by targeting individual legislators and suppressing the vote, Republicans think they have found a way to tip the scales to their advantage.

Click here: pledge to fight against more unnecessary recall elections in Colorado.

A little over a week ago, a new recall petition process began against another good progressive Colorado lawmaker, Senator Evie Hudak of Arvada. If these extremists manage to take out just one more progressive Senator, the radical right will take control of the Colorado Senate. Is this the way we want democracy to work in Colorado?

Enough is enough. From DC to Denver, the right wing is bent on destruction. They are willing to hurt millions of people, endanger the economy, and undermine democracy to achieve their goals. Let them know you won’t stand for these tactics here in Colorado. Sign our petition right now pledging to oppose these senseless and destructive recalls in Colorado.

If we don’t end this now, we face a future of endless destructive recalls and more gridlock in Colorado politics. We’re better than that. Sign our petition pledging to oppose any new recalls in Colorado. We’ll share your comments with the media and elected officials, and we’ll be in touch with more ways to take action.

The radical right is emboldened today. They’re going to continue these ruthless attacks on progress until they are stopped at the ballot box. It’s more important than ever that progressives not be discouraged and stand up to these bullies. I know I can count on you to stand with us.