Monday, September 30th, 2013
CONTACT: Amy Runyon-Harms, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: As Republican members of Congress—including every Republican member from Colorado—prepared to force the government to shut down at midnight tonight, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, delivered petition signatures and comments from almost two thousand Colorado progressives demanding that the right wing back away from this irresponsible act before it’s too late.

“Ordinary citizens from across Colorado and America are disgusted with the Republican Party’s disregard for basic responsibilities,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “Republicans have yet again chosen to play political chicken instead of getting real work done in Washington, and starting at midnight tonight, we will all pay the price.”

“Republicans in Congress, including Reps. Mike Coffman, Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner, and Doug Lamborn of Colorado, are about to hurt everyone in America—just to keep up their tantrum over losing the health care reform battle three years ago,” said Runyon-Harms. “Local media reports that the threatened shutdown may already be impeding efforts to recover from this month’s terrible floods along the Front Range of Colorado. Partisan games by Republicans anytime—but especially now—are just unacceptable.”

“Today, we’ve delivered the comments of progressives from across Colorado demanding that Congress come to its senses,” said Runyon-Harms. “Tomorrow, the job of holding the right wing accountable for the harm they’re doing to every American begins.”

To read the names and comments from signers to this petition as delivered to every member of the Colorado delegation today, click here.