No on the recallI’m writing today with a simple message. Everything you and I have fought for in the past decade is under attack.

Click here to fight back: the most important election you’ve never heard of is only three weeks away.

For years, Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron have fought for our shared values. In 2013, after victory at the polls in 2012, the Colorado legislature accomplished a long list of goals we have sought for years—civil unions, tuition equity for all Colorado students, increasing renewable energy, workplace discrimination protection, creating Colorado jobs, and more: all in addition to a few common-sense gun safety bills in response to tragedy and to save lives. I don’t have room to list all of the things we accomplished, but I have never been more proud of our Colorado legislature.

The extreme right is trying to reverse not just this year’s victories, but a decade of progress in Colorado. Their goal is to start “a wave of fear” across the nation by underhandedly taking down two good Colorado lawmakers in wasteful, misguided recall elections. Watch this shocking video at MSNBC and see for yourself what the leaders of the recalls are trying to do.

Right now, no one in America needs your help more than Senators Morse and Giron. Click here to make a donation against these recall elections today via ActBlue.  Every dollar you give will go directly to their campaigns.

If the wasteful, partisan recalls against Senators Morse and Giron succeed, the right wing will use that to stall progress on all the issues we care about: education, healthcare, leveling the playing field for consumers and workers, equality for all Colorado families, and creating good-paying, sustainable jobs right here in Colorado.

I will not stand by and allow these progressive heroes to be removed from office simply for doing their jobs. We elect leaders to make decisions, and that’s what Senators Morse and Giron do every day. They don’t deserve this. Recalls are for criminals and corruption, and we have regular elections in America to decide who we think is best for the job.

We can’t let the constant threat of recalls over any disagreement become the norm. Click here to donate to Senators Morse and Giron right now. Show your support for them, and for everything we have accomplished together in our fight for progressive change.

This election is not in November. It is September 10th — only three weeks away. There is no time to wait. Do not wake up the day after these elections wishing you had done more. Donate now, and understand that this is one of the most important contributions you’ll ever make.