This Friday, concerned citizens from across America will join with the people of Aurora to remember the tragic mass shooting that shook our community one year ago. Victims of gun violence from Colorado and elsewhere, religious leaders, and activists will come together here in Aurora to remember the victims–and to take immediate steps to reduce gun violence nationwide.

Please join me at this important event: RSVP today.

Where: Smoky Hill Shelter
Cherry Creek State Park (East Entrance)
4201 S. Parker Road
Aurora, Colorado 80014

When: Friday, July 19th, please plan to arrive by 11:00AM.

Like so many families here in Aurora and across the nation, my family has been directly impacted by gun violence. My son, Javad Marshall-Fields, was murdered with a gun in 2005. I am proud of the common-sense legislation our state passed this year to reduce gun violence, and it’s time that Colorado common sense prevail in the national debate over gun safety. At Friday’s event, the names of gun violence victims will be read aloud from noon until after midnight: up until 12:38AM, exactly one year after the Aurora shooting.

Please join me at Friday’s event to honor the victims of the tragic shootings last year in Aurora and Newtown, Connecticut–and every other victim of gun violence in America. Help us send a message to the country that it’s time to take action to reduce gun violence nationwide as we’ve done in Colorado. It’s time to stop adding names to the list of gun violence victims.

Please join us Friday.

Thank you,

Rep. Rhonda Fields
Colorado House of Representatives