Gessler vs. TancredoMoments ago, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced he is forming a committee to run for Governor of Colorado in 2014. After serving only two and a half years in office, he has quickly established a reputation as one of the most inappropriately partisan, corrupt, and scandal-plagued public officials in the history of of the state of Colorado.  The “Honey Badger” takes what he wants—now he wants to be Governor!

And it gets worse: Gessler’s chief opponent for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2014 as of now is Tom Tancredo, the greatest national embarrassment Colorado has produced in a generation. Tancredo’s hateful anti-immigrant crusades have made him a pariah even among most national Republicans—but in Colorado, Tancredo enjoys enough support that he could actually win the nomination.

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As the state’s chief elections officer, Gessler has consistently sought to undermine the rights of legal Colorado citizens to vote. At the same time, Gessler has slashed fines for fellow Republicans who break campaign finance law and used his office’s discretionary funds as a partisan piggy bank—money he attempted to quietly repay last week before news of his gubernatorial run surfaced.

Alien vs. PredatorMeanwhile, despite all the progress being made to reform our nation’s broken immigration system today, Tancredo wants to turn Colorado into a hateful throwback. At a time when some conservatives recognize that it’s time to resolve this longstanding problem in a fair and humane way, Tancredo stands as a symbol of xenophobia and bigotry instead of what’s right for America.

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