Show your support for gun safety legislationThe fight to pass common sense gun safety legislation in Colorado this year is almost over, and we’re winning! But right wing gun lobbyists are desperate to stop these sensible measures from going into effect, and are pulling out all the stops to intimidate lawmakers and rile up their supporters with misinformation. The gun lobby’s campaign of misinformation has had terrible consequences, including death threats against progressive Colorado legislators. 1

Please come to the Colorado Capitol this Friday, at any time throughout the day, to show your support for progressive legislators as important gun safety bills head toward final passage in the Senate. If you can’t make it in person, click here for a directory of Senators to contact by phone or email, and urge them to support gun safety legislation.

For weeks, the gun lobby and Republican legislators have been misleading and inciting the public about proposed gun safety legislation. The banner flying over the Colorado Capitol Monday, saying “Hick: don’t take our guns” is a perfect example of the lies being told. None of the bills now up for debate in the Colorado legislature will “take the guns” of a single law-abiding citizen.

I testified at the Capitol on Monday (audio here), telling Republican legislators and the gun lobby that it is time to stop lying about these bills—which are in truth supported by an overwhelming majority of the public including gun owners. Republican committee members and gun lobbyists didn’t like being called out for their fear mongering and misinformation, but the time has come for all of us to stand up and let our legislators know we’ve got their back if they do the right thing.

Add your voice of reason to this debate right now. Come to the Capitol this Friday, and respectfully show your support for key pieces of gun safety legislation: closing the background check loophole (House Bill 1229), financial responsibility for background checks (House Bill 1228), keeping guns off college campuses (House Bill 1226), limiting the size of magazines (House Bill 1224), and denying guns to persons who commit domestic violence (Senate Bill 197).

Supporters are calling on members of the public to wear pink in solidarity with women victims of domestic violence who will gain protection from the passage of Senate Bill 197—and to stand with progressive women lawmakers who have borne the brunt of the right wing’s senseless attacks and threats during this debate.

Look for other supporters and organizers for partner groups in the Senate Gallery!Remember to be respectful of the process and everyone present for this debate: the last thing we want is for any progressives to behave as disrespectfully as the gun lobby has. And it’s vital we show our progressive legislators working to pass these bills that they have support.

Thanks for standing up at this important moment. Let’s honor the victims of tragic gun violence here in Colorado and elsewhere, and get this debate on these moderate and sensible gun safety bills over with so we can turn to so many other important issues facing our state.