hickthreats.jpgLocal communities in Colorado have begun to take action to protect schools, businesses, and neighborhoods from the harmful effects of a controversial oil and gas extraction method called “fracking.” Unfortunately, Gov. John Hickenlooper has announced his intention to sue any local government in the state that bans fracking.

That’s wrong. If local communities want to protect their homes, businesses and families from fracking in their neighborhoods, shouldn’t Gov. Hickenlooper stand with them?

Click here to tell Gov. Hickenlooper to back off his threat to sue city and county governments for voting to protect their residents from fracking.


Energy production is an important part of Colorado’s economy. Striking the right balance between developing these natural resources, and protecting Colorado’s environment and public health, is one of the most important debates taking place in our state today.


Two Colorado cities, Longmont and Fort Collins, have voted to ban the practice of fracking within their city limits. This week, Gov. Hickenlooper agreed in an interview that his policy would be “to go around the state and sue every city and county that passes a ban” on fracking. 1

The Governor of Colorado should stand up for Colorado citizens and local governments, not oil companies. The weak rules protecting local communities passed by Hickenlooper’s administration with regard to space between drilling operations and homes, as well as water quality testing requirements, are not enough—that’s why municipalities like Longmont and Fort Collins have been forced to take action.

Click here: tell Gov. Hickenlooper to stop threatening local communities, and to start protecting them. Progressives supported Hickenlooper’s election in 2010, and he needs to know we’re paying attention now.

Thanks for doing your part.