I’m really proud of this. This past weekend, something really cool happened that’s spreading around the country. Denver Nuggets star Kenneth “Manimal” Faried came out in support of civil unions, in a special video message featuring Faried and his two moms—Carol and Waudda.


Kenneth Faried and his two moms
Don’t miss this heartwarming message from Faried and his two moms, who have been together as a committed couple for eleven years. Faried’s birth mother, Waudda, has lupus, and the protections of a civil union have been vital to help Carol care for her partner.

Click here to watch the video, and send a message to Faried via our friends at One Colorado thanking him for his support for civil unions. Then forward this video to everyone you know! And stay tuned for the next steps as the Colorado Civil Unions Act moves through the General Assembly.