With a new progressive majority in the Colorado House, and new progressive leaders in our state boldly tackling the big problems, we at ProgressNow Colorado are excited about where Colorado is headed in 2013.


But we’ve got a problem, and we need your help.

Gov. John Hickenlooper has proven to be a friend of progressives on many issues: basic rights for committed gay and lesbian couples, expanding access to health care, reducing violent gun crime, and providing a great education for all of Colorado’s students. But on the issue of oil and gas development and fracking, Gov. Hickenlooper has repeatedly sided with the oil and gas industry against protection for Coloradans. Last year, Gov. Hickenlooper even starred in a pro-oil industry ad that falsely claimed fracking has not resulted in groundwater contamination. 1



Colorado is in the midst of an energy boom made possible by an extraction method for oil and gas called fracking. Energy production is an important part of Colorado’s economy. Striking the right balance between developing these natural resources, and protecting Colorado’s water supplies and communities, is one of the most important debates taking place today.

Click here to respectfully tell Gov. Hickenlooper to stand up for Colorado’s water and families, not out-of-state energy companies.

Earlier this month, Hickenlooper’s administration approved new groundwater testing and setback (minimum distance from existing structures) rules that fail, according to many experts, to adequately protect Colorado families from the harmful effects of oil and gas production near their homes. Some of these new rules, like a far less comprehensive water testing regimen, appear to be outright giveaways to energy companies at the expense of the health and safety of Coloradans. 2

At ProgressNow Colorado, we applaud Gov. Hickenlooper for the things he has done right, but we can’t ignore his blind spot on conservation issues any longer. Click here to send a message to Gov. Hickenlooper right now, asking him to stop siding with energy interests over the interests of local communities threatened by drilling across the state.

We all know that energy production is going to happen. Working together, let’s make sure it’s done responsibly—and that our families and other irreplaceable resources are protected. Thank you for doing your part.