The 2013 session of the Colorado legislature is now underway! We’re very excited about all the things we’re going to accomplish this year with a new progressive majority in the Colorado House. Right now, we need your help on two very important pieces of legislation announced yesterday: one in the Colorado House, and one in the Senate. Take a moment right now to take action in support of both of these bills!




The first bill is so important, the Colorado Senate made it the very first legislation introduced this session. Senate Bill 1, the Working Families Economic Opportunity Act, creates permanent tax credits for working families, child care, and dependent care expenses. This is a bill to put money directly into the pockets of people who need it most: working families, single moms, families with dependents of all situations to care for.

“The Working Families Economic Opportunity Act is a great chance to make a real difference in the lives of families that have been hard hit by the back to back economic downturns of the last decade,” says Carol Hedges of the Colorado Fiscal Institute. “Investing in Colorado working families helps with basic needs today and pays dividends of increased educational performance, health and economic earnings in the future. The proven common sense approach of Senate Bill 1 is a welcome addition to the economic debate at the Capitol.”

Click here: send a message right now to your Colorado Senator, urging him or her to VOTE YES on Senate Bill 1.

The second economic development bill to watch as the session gets going is House Bill 1001, the Advanced Industries Accelerator Act. This is a smart, bipartisan-supported bill to set up grants for high-tech startups and critical industries to innovate and create jobs in our state.  It’s a common sense way to help Colorado businesses and create Colorado jobs—and something we can do right now to keep our local innovators and entrepreneurs competitive globally.

Click here: send a message right now to your Colorado representative, urging him or her to VOTE YES on House Bill 1001.

Thanks for your prompt attention to both of these important bills. We have many more pieces of legislation that will be needing your voice to help pass this year: bills to protect equality and fairness for all Coloradans, educate our kids, care for the sick, and maintain our infrastructure. But the progressive majority in the Colorado House and Senate decided to start off with two bills to create jobs, and put money directly in the pockets of Colorado working families.

And that’s pretty cool too. Thanks for doing your part!

PS. Read the text of Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 1001. For the latest on these bills and every news item in the Colorado legislature this session, make sure to follow the #COleg channel on Twitter.