Thursday, November 1, 2012
CONTACT: Joanne Schwartz, Executive Director at 303-991-1900

DENVER: #2 on ProgressNow Colorado’s countdown of the “Top Five Reasons Mike Coffman is Bad for CD-6” is legislation that Coffman co-sponsored with Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri in 2011: H.R. 3, the so-called “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act.”

“Mike Coffman insults every woman in the Sixth District when he claims that his ‘focus’ has never been on social issues,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Joanne Schwartz. “How can Coffman say this isn’t his focus when he led on legislation to reclassify the crime of rape to limit access to abortion? Coffman is lying to the women of Colorado about his record and he should be ashamed.”

In 2011, Coffman co-sponsored a bill with Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri to redefine the crime of rape and restrict access to abortion for rape victims.  H.R. 3 passed the Republican-controlled House, but was never taken up by the Senate. H.R. 3’s provisions on rape gained renewed attention after Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy last summer.

“Todd Akin said ‘legitimate rape’ doesn’t result in pregnancy, and that’s the assumption of the bill Mike Coffman co-sponsored with Akin,” said Schwartz. “Republicans across the country have run from Akin after what he said about ‘legitimate rape,’ but Mike Coffman can’t run from the legislation he and Todd Akin worked together to pass.”

“Every time Coffman says his focus is not on ‘social issues,’ he is lying and insulting the women of Colorado who know better,” said Schwartz. “From support of the Personhood abortion ban to working with Todd Akin on redefining the crime of rape, Mike Coffman appears to be as obsessed with controlling women’s bodies as Todd Akin himself.”