Remember in NovemberBy next Tuesday, Coloradans will make choices in 65 state house races. Over the last two years, we’ve seen a breakdown in leadership in the Republican-controlled Colorado House that resulted in nationwide embarrassment for our state, the failure of important bipartisan legislation, and, above all, a loss of our legislature’s ability to lead our state into economic prosperity after the recent recession.

In every Colorado House race, the stakes have never been higher: we’ve got toRemember in November.

In 2010, the right wing took control of the Colorado House by a single seat, in a race decided by less than 200 votes. They have no mandate to obstruct progress, but Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty has become perhaps the most obstructionist Speaker in our state’s history. Over the past two years, literally hundreds of important bills were killed in McNulty’s House, including legislation to create Colorado jobs, adequately fund our public schools, and protect consumers from ripoffs.

Last May, McNulty and House Republican leadership actually shut down debate on the last day bills could be passed, rather than allow a fair vote on civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. Civil unions is supported by more than 70% of Colorado voters according to polls. But that’s not the worst part: McNulty had to take extraordinary measures because several Republican legislators were prepared to support civil unions legislation as well! The bill would have passed, but McNulty abused his authority to make sure it wouldn’t.

This is why every House race in Colorado matters this year. A vote for right wing candidates for the Colorado House anywhere is a vote for Frank McNulty and his harmful actions. At our website, Remember in November, we’ve focused on six key right-wing legislators who need to be held accountable: Speaker Frank McNulty, Majority Leader Amy Stephens, and Representatives Robert Ramirez, Cindy Acree, Mark Barker, and J. Paul Brown.

Whether you live in these districts or not, make sure you vote all the way down your ballot this year! Our state legislature passes (and kills) legislation directly impacting the everyday lives of Coloradans. Don’t miss your chance to help decide all of these races, and the leadership of the House. Get the facts on the Republican-controlled legislature atRemember in November, and make sure your, your family’s, and your community’s values are represented in your vote.

Working together, we’re going to put this state back on the road to recovery.