Joe Coors Lite
Meet “Joe Coors Lite.”

Eight years ago, another Coors family heir tried to run for national office, and lost after the people of Colorado realized that Pete Coors was an out-of-touch extremist with an agenda fundamentally opposed to the middle class. In 2012, his brother Joe poses a similar threat.

Joe Coors, Jr., a candidate for Congress, actually predicted that “Armageddon” would occur in the year 2000. As you probably know, he was wrong about that! But how can any responsible person trust a man in Congress who believed the world was coming to an end?

And that’s not all. Joe Coors, Jr., has a long history of questionable views and irresponsibility, from his story of “God speaking to him on the golf course,” to an investment program designed to “increase your Kingdom giving…and have Uncle Sam pay for it.” A few years ago, Coors was scammed out of millions of dollars after being promised an absurdly unrealistic return of 75% per week. What kind of person would fall for such a blatant scam?

Perhaps the worst example is Joe Coors, Jr., financial support in 2010 for the so-called“Personhood initiative,” a measure that would have banned abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, as well as many common forms of birth control. Joe Coors, Jr.‘s extreme agenda has already been rejected by over 70% of Colorado voters.

These are some of the stories you probably haven’t heard about Joe Coors, Jr., but it’s absolutely vital that everyone in the Seventh District gets this information before Election Day. That’s why we’re launching a new website, Joe Coors Lite, to spread the word about Joe Coors’ extremist antics and record—before it’s too late.

Please take a moment right now to visit Joe Coors Lite and get the facts. And then please share this information with everyone you know. Working together, we’re not going to let Joe Coors, Jr., buy this election. Colorado deserves better representation in Congress than an eccentric retiree looking for a hobby.