Scott Tipton: All In the Family


It only took Scott Tipton a matter of months in office before his first formal apology to the House Ethics Committee. Is this what you voted for?

In June of last year, newly elected Rep. Scott Tipton was forced to apologize to the House Ethics Committee after a scandal that made national news. Rep. Tipton’s daughter, an employee of a telecommunications firm owned by Tipton’s nephew, was caught soliciting business for that company using Rep. Tipton’s name and position in violation of House rules. 1

Tell Scott Tipton to apologize to his constituents, too.

In addition, Tipton’s office steered thousands of dollars in business to the same company, improperly enriching Tipton’s family members with congressional taxpayer dollars.

And it gets worse: in a recent debate in Grand Junction, Tipton was confronted with news reports detailing the thousands of dollars paid to businesses owned by Tipton’s family members by Tipton’s congressional office—and Tipton inexplicably denied even the existence of those reports. Watch the video of this shocking exchange and see for yourself.

Enough is enough. It only took Scott Tipton a matter of months after taking office to wind up in hot water with the Ethics Committee, while disgracing himself and his constituents by enriching family members with taxpayer dollars. Now Tipton tries to pretend these incidents never happened? That’s totally unacceptable.

Sign our petition today: tell Scott Tipton to come clean with voters about what happened at Broadnet, and ask why he is denying that his office paid thousands of dollars to family members. We’ll share your names and comments with Rep. Tipton, the press, and other public officials.

Thanks. Working together, we won’t let Tipton hide from his brief but terrible record.