Mike Coffman and Todd AkinRep. Mike Coffman has proven he doesn’t care about the issues of the majority of his constituents, from anyone who hopes to have good health care when they retire, to voters for whom federal law guarantees a ballot in their native language.

But above all, Mike Coffman has proven that he doesn’t trust or represent the women in his district—or any of us across America. In fact, Coffman has quietly supported some of the worst, most regressive legislation on women’s rights in decades. Tell Mike Coffman to back off his anti-woman agenda now.

Just last year, Coffman co-sponsored a bill withRep. Todd Akin of Missouri—yes, that Rep. Todd Akin—to “redefine” the crime of rape and restrict access to abortion for rape victims. If that sounds a lot like Akin’s horrifying remarks about “legitimate rape” put into actual legislation, you’re right. How can Coffman look women voters in the eye after supporting such a horrible piece of backward legislation?

It’s time for Republicans who stood with Todd Akin before he became a national symbol of misogyny, like Mike Coffman, to pay the price for what they’ve done. Click here to sign our petition calling on Coffman to immediately renounce his co-sponsorship of H.R. 3, the Todd Akin “redefining rape” bill he co-sponsored in Congress. We will deliver your signatures and comments to Coffman’s office, and share them with the press.

Republicans across America are scrambling to hide their past association with Todd Akin—not just the man, but his policies which in every way underscore Akin’s shocking and deplorable remarks about so-called “legitimate rape.” Before Todd Akin said what he said, Republicans like Mike Coffman were helping him put those words into federal law.

Todd Akin isn’t getting away with it, and with your help, neither will Mike Coffman.

Thank you for helping us draw the line.


Joanne Schwartz