For the past two weeks, Secretary of State Scott Gessler has engaged in a campaign to challenge the eligibility of several thousand registered Colorado voters. Yesterday, while Gessler was schmoozing with right-wing funders at the Republican National Convention, it was reported that the overwhelming majority of these voters have already been verified as legal American citizens.  And, Gessler’s own staff admitted that the tiny number who are still being checked might also be legal. 1

Gessler’s campaign to spread fear and confusion appears to be collapsing as his claims are disproven. But that’s maybe not the worst. A stunning disclosure in a Colorado Public Radiostory today calls Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s judgment into question. 2

While Gessler dedicates his office to investigating what it turns out is a ridiculously small number of voters, Gessler waived tens of thousands of dollars in fines levied against the organizers of the 2010 “Bad Three” ballot measures to a mere $50. Court documents reveal that these organizers intentionally stonewalled the true origin of their financial support, convicted felon Doug Bruce, until well after the 2010 elections.

While Gessler waived fines for corrupt fellow right-wing special interests, he’s wasting his and the state’s valuable time on attacking rightfully eligible voters. Gessler is making a mockery of his responsibilities as Secretary of State to an extent perhaps never before seen in Colorado’s history.

We need to stand up with one voice right now and demand Scott Gessler apologize for letting his special interest friends off the hook while wasting his time on harmful partisan witch hunts.

Whether doing everything he can to suppress the vote in Colorado to shamelessly manipulating election law to benefit his friends, our state’s chief elections officer has become the biggest threat to Colorado elections. Now is the time to demand better.