As Republicans gather in Tampa, campaign to hold them accountable gains speed in Colorado

Wednesday, August 29 2012
CONTACT: Joanne Schwartz, Executive Director at 303-991-1900

DENVER: With the 2012 election season now in full swing, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization,  ramped up its campaign to explain clearly to Colorado voters what their choices in this November’s elections mean for our nation’s future.

“The eyes of the whole nation are on Colorado this year,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Joanne Schwartz. “Unfortunately, Colorado’s Republican congressional candidates continue to prove their priorities are drastically out of line with the needs of the state’s businesses and families.  And, the worst may be yet to come.”

“Rep. Mike Coffman hasn’t gotten the message that he no longer represents Tom Tancredo’s right-wing former district,” said Schwartz. “Mike Coffman co-sponsored legislation with controversial Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri to ‘redefine’ the crime of rape, and restrict access to reproductive choice for rape victims. Coffman voted to privatize Medicare last year, a vital institution that his new middle class constituents rely on. Coffman refuses to ask the richest 2% of Americans to pay their fair share—despite massive budget shortfalls he claims to worry about.”

“In 2010, Scott Tipton promised ‘no cuts, no privatization, no scaring our seniors’ with regard to Medicare,” said Schwartz. “But a few months later, Rep. Tipton voted to privatize Medicare, flagrantly breaking his promise of ‘no cuts, no privatization.’ Tipton also has faced significant ethics problems since his election to Congress, having to apologize to the Ethics Committee after a family member was caught soliciting business in Washington, D.C. using Rep. Tipton’s name and position.”

“It’s sometimes hard to believe that Tipton was elected at all after he actually campaigned in 2010 on a platform of cutting the government ‘in half,’” said Schwartz. “Tipton’s rhetoric was laughably irresponsible. He is a fluke of a crazy election year and should not be sitting in Congress.”

This week, ProgressNow Colorado launched Two Ways Tipton—the first of three congressional accountability clearinghouse sites containing facts about Tipton’s time in office.

“Finally, there’s Joe Coors, Jr.,” said Schwartz. “An out of touch heir to millions, Coors tells voters he ‘worked his way up’ at a company that bears his family name. Colorado needs serious leaders, not rich retirees looking for a new hobby. Coors even supported and donated to the failed Personhood initiative, which would outlaw abortion in Colorado, including in cases of rape and incest. This extreme initiative has failed by more than 70% in Colorado both times it has been on the ballot. What kind of a person would support this kind of radical policy?”

“In all three of these critical races, we have a chance to show the whole country that these extreme candidates and agendas do not represent us,” said Schwartz. “Our members tell us that progressives are enthusiastic and ready to fight for what’s right. Working together, we’re going to hold the extreme right accountable in Colorado this year at every level of power.”