Colorado Accountability ProjectJust over a week ago, the Campaign for a Strong Colorado launched a statewide ad campaign highlighting the stunning failure of Republican leadership in the state legislature at the end of this year’s session. TheColorado Accountability Project is a statewide public education and radio advertisement campaign, with the purpose of emphasizing the overreach of power of Republican leadership that caused a Capitol meltdown last May—when in the last days of the session Republican leaders ground our legislature to a halt.

I wanted to quickly share with you a few of the many comments we have received about this campaign from ProgressNow Colorado members and others who heard this ad across the state. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to visit the Colorado Accountability Project, and sign our pledge to hold Republican leadership in the Colorado House accountable this November.

Marty in Parker: “Persons aren’t elected to go home. They are elected to do a job. Where would our country be if every time they didn’t like what was going on, elected officials didn’t stay on the job?”

Jerry in Highlands Ranch: “It is long past time Republicans worked for the people of Colorado, as a whole, rather than narrow special interest groups!”

Don in Black Hawk: “What is it about the GOP that they think they have the right to get elected and then stop the job for which they are paid? They are paid to fix our problems, not be our problems!”

Albert in Ignacio: “Shameful that elected officials do not do the work of the people but instead let special interests and greed rule their agenda.”

Cindy in Highlands Ranch: “The tactics you used to bring the legislature to a halt in the last legislative session was shameful and disappointing. Your refusal to do the job you were hired for is reflective of your overall lack of commitment to the improvement of Colorado and its citizens.”

Joy in Lafayette: “Stop playing political games, and participate in our democracy by debating and voting on bills, rather than simply standing in the way.”

Eric in Ft. Collins: “I know what you did last summer. November can’t get here soon enough.”

If you haven’t already, please take a moment right now to sign the pledge to hold Republicans accountable this November. If you’ve already signed, please forward this message to five of your friends and spread the word. The Colorado Accountability Project will continue to collect and share your comments with elected officials and the press.

Above all, thank you to everyone who has joined this campaign. To see so many Coloradans speaking out against what happened last May is very encouraging. No matter how bad it gets, we don’t have to let them get away with quitting on Colorado.

And this November, with your help, they won’t.