In the last week, national politics have focused on women’s issues like never before in this election year.

And it hasn’t been a pretty sight.

After the horrifying comments about so-called “legitimate rape” from Missouri Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin, attention has turned to the wide prevalence of hard-line anti-reproductive choice views in the Republican Party. Paul Ryan, the Republican Party’s presumptive vice presidential nominee, like Akin wants to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest. A similar provision was incorporated this week into the official Republican Party platform.

Right here in Jefferson County, Colorado, Joe Coors, Jr., the Republican candidate for Congress, helped fund the so-called “Personhood” abortion ban campaign in 2010. The “Personhood” initiative would ban virtually all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. That’s what Todd Akin wants. It’s what Paul Ryan wants. And it’s what Joe Coors wants, too.


Joe Coors: wrong for women

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Coors also publicly backs Paul Ryan’s Medicare privatization plan and extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Coors has said that gays and lesbians are an “abomination,” and has been described as the most religious of the very religiously conservative Coors family.

Women in Jefferson County and across the nation need to understand that Todd Akin’s agenda is not an aberration. An extremist rollback of women’s rights, social safety nets, education, and everything else working families rely on, while giving the wealthiest among us (like Joe Coors) tax breaks, would be a tragedy for women—and all Coloradans.

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Thank you. We have a chance right now to fundamentally change the debate over women’s rights in this country, simply because awareness is growing of what the right wing actually supports. Forward this message. Tell your friends. And don’t let anybody you know be fooled this November.