Friday, July 27, 2012
CONTACT: Joanne Schwartz, Executive Director at 303-991-1900

DENVER: As the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wraps up its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online advocacy organization, renewed its call for Colorado legislators to disclose their involvement with the organization and “model legislation” from ALEC introduced in Colorado.

“Every week, more corporations announce they are cutting their ties with ALEC,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Joanne Schwartz. “Just yesterday, Walgreens and General Motors joined dozens of others who have realized that ALEC’s right-wing influence in state legislatures is doing more harm than good.”

ProgressNow Colorado released a report this spring on the influence of ALEC in this state.  The report identifies numerous bills introduced in the Colorado legislature that share common intent and substantial identical language with ALEC “model legislation.” Many conservative Colorado legislators are listed as holding key positions on various ALEC committees.

To read ProgressNow Colorado’s report on ALEC’s influence, click here.

“Around the nation, the public has been shocked to discover the extent of the influence of this organization in their own state legislatures,” said Schwartz. “In Colorado, many right-wing lawmakers have ties to ALEC, and ALEC enjoys a special status in Colorado law allowing legislators to be reimbursed for their travel to ALEC events.”

“Next legislative session,” said Schwartz, “a top priority for progressives will be to strip ALEC of its privileged status in Colorado law, and to hold legislators—in both parties—accountable for harmful ALEC bills they push in our state. Coloradans want legislation written for our needs, not corporate lobbyists and right-wing ideologues.”