Last week, Colorado suffered a tragic loss when a single gunman, dressed in full body armor and carrying several guns including one assault rifle, opened fire in a crowded movie theater in Aurora. We at ProgressNow Colorado remain shaken by this terrible act of violence.

The time has come to break the silence and speak out.

Colorado Representatives Ed Perlmutter and Diana DeGette are leading the campaign in Congress to reauthorize the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. Sign our petition asking Reps. Perlmutter and DeGette to keep fighting and other elected leaders to join them.

Every day we are silent, as many as 34 people are murdered with guns. As law-abiding citizens and Westerners, we honor the right to bear arms. And, responsible gun owners know that protecting the Second Amendment goes hand in and hand with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. There is no purpose for 100-round drums of ammunition for anything but killing as many people as possible. Easy access to guns by criminals, and guns designed purely for indiscriminate mass killing, have no place in our society.




The vast majority of NRA members agree. In a recent poll commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, GOP pollster Frank Luntz found overwhelming support among the National Rifle Association’s rank and file for laws designed to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

Colorado has a history of coming together in a bipartisan way to prevent gun violence. After the Columbine massacre, we came together to close the gun show loophole. It is time to come together again to honor the tragic sacrifice of the twelve families who lost loved ones last week.

It’s time to ask our leaders to lead again. It’s time to support leaders who do. Tell Reps. Perlmutter and DeGette to keep up the good work, and let other members of Congress know that you support the reauthorization of the assault weapons ban.