DENVER: As faith leaders, we join with all Coloradans and the members of our churches, temples, and mosques to pray for everyone affected by this unthinkable tragedy. We pray for the families of the victims and mourn their loss. We are thankful for the firefighters, police, doctors, and nurses who have risen to the challenge and continue to protect our communities every day.

We recognize the rights of law-abiding gun owners. At the same time, we experience first-hand the harm caused by the flood of illegal guns, assault weapons and unregulated stockpiles of ammunition into our communities. We work daily to promote peace in our neighborhoods and cope through tragedy, but our reach is limited.

We need leadership in Washington and call on our elected officials at every level to put aside partisan differences in order to stop the gun violence that takes place daily across America. We need moments of silence in Aurora, Tucson, and Virginia Tech, but we will not tolerate silence in the halls of Congress.

We ask Congress to strengthen enforcement and fix the background check system:


    • Close the federal loophole that allows for private gun sales, including internet gun sales, without a background check.


    • Require sellers of ammunition to track sales of ammunition and make those records available to law enforcement.


    • Ensure all relevant criminal, mental health and other records in Colorado are reported to the FBI gun background database.



Respectfully Signed,

Colorado Faith Leaders Against Illegal Guns

Rev. Clare Twomey, Manitou Springs Community Congregational Church
Rev. Wes Mullins, Metropolitan Community Church, Colo Spgs
Rev. Kent Ingram, First United Methodist Church, Colo Spgs
Rev. Nori Rost, All Souls Unitarian Church, Colo Spgs
Rev. David Shaw, Church in the Wildwood, Green Mt. Falls
Rev. Roger Butts, Unitarian Universalist Minister
Rev. James Chapman, Broadmoor Community Church, Colo Spgs
Rev. Dan Geslin, 6th Avenue United Church of Christ, Denver
Rev. Kim Schwartz, Vista Grande Community Church, Colo Spgs
Rev. David Hunting, Manitou Springs Community Congregational Church