From Colorado to DCLast night, many of us were paying attention to the devastation of the fires burning in Colorado. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragic situation. If you haven’t already, please visit the Help Colorado Now website to find opportunties to provide relief.


Politics continue, and yesterday Republican primary voters in Colorado selected who they want to represent their party this fall—extremely far right candidates who are wrong for our state.  These candidates present a real threat to the state that we know and love.

From today through the election, ProgressNow Colorado will be working to ensure Coloradans understand the harm these extremists would do to our state. Now more than ever, ProgressNow Colorado needs your help.

Across the state, what moderate Republicans, not to mention progressives, describe as the worst-case scenario has taken place. On the Western Slope, a moderate Republican Senator, Jean White, was hounded from office for daring to vote in favor of civil unions legislation supported by the vast majority of the public. The man who defeated her, Rep. Randy Baumgardner, helped lead the obstruction against civil unions in the House this year, and was richly rewarded by out-of-state conservative attack groups who funded a smear campaign against Sen. White. The push to defeat Sen. White after her brave vote was so great that Baumgardner won despite revelations about an unregistered sex offender living in his home.

Meanwhile, a main architect of the legislative shenanigans that led to the defeat of civil unions in the Colorado legislature, Rep. Amy Stephens, defeated her opponent Marsha Looper with lavish support from social conservatives from across the nation.

In the new Second Congressional District, state Sen. Kevin Lundberg, one of Colorado’s most stridently anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-science legislators, defeated his relatively moderate opponent and is now the Republican Party’s nominee for Congress in this district. Lundberg is a Tea Party dream candidate, but a moderate’s nightmare. His victory is the clearest proof there is of how out of touch the Colorado Republican elite have become in the last few years.

We can’t let these extremists win in Colorado this year. Now we know who the right has chosen to lead in our state—and we know it will be a disaster. From now until Election Day, there is no more important job than to hold the right wing accountable—not just for what they’ve done, but what they are openly promising to do to our state in the future.

Click here to help ProgressNow Colorado get ready for the fight of our lives. Your contribution of $20, $50, or whatever you can chip in will go directly to the front lines of fighting the right wing, right here in Colorado, right now.

Thank you again for everything you do fighting for a better Colorado. Working together, we’ve defeated them before, and we’ll do it again this year.