Free and Open Elections 2012At a Broncos game, you’d never expect the opposing team to show up with their own referee, would you? If the Rockies had their own umpires, their record might be really incredible, but you’d start to wonder if it was fair to have members of the Rockies as umpires.But right now, Colorado’s elections aren’t administered by an impartial referee. They’re administered by a partisan politician. This is true whether the Secretary of State is a Democrat or a Republican. And even when that official tries to be impartial, it’s difficult for them to escape their partisan affiliations and ambitions. It’s the way our system is set up.

Help us send a message now that we want the system changed.

In the last year, the current Secretary of State Scott Gesslerhas taken controversial actions that many have interpreted as partisan manipulation of the election system. Last fall, Gessler attempted to stop the delivery of tens of thousands of ballots to lawfully registered voters—simply because they missed voting in the previous election. Gessler has enacted new campaign finance disclosure rules that seriously weaken existing law and compromise basic principles of fairness to serve a partisan purpose.

Secretary of State Gessler openly admitted last year that partisanship motivates his decisions, saying “you want to be thoughtful…you want to take other views into consideration, but you’re here to do something, to further the conservative viewpoint.” 1 How can Gessler, or anyone, be trusted to fairly preside over Colorado elections after saying something like that?

A statewide ballot initiative has been filed that could change the system, and take the partisan controversy out of Colorado’s election process. It takes the job of running our elections out of the hands of a partisan official, and gives this vital responsibility to a neutral appointed referee—a nonpartisan Election Administrator.

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If you have a story about difficulty voting or unfairness you’ve seen or fallen victim of, please tell us about that as well. We’ll share your names and comments with the Secretary of State, the press, and other stakeholders, and you’ll be the first to get updates on this initiative.

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Entrusting Colorado’s election system to a nonpartisan Election Administrator is a practical and efficient solution we can all get behind.  All registered and eligible voters must have equal access to the ballot box. There is nothing more fundamentally important in our democracy than open and free elections. It’s the foundation of every other right we have. Taking partisanship out of election administration is the right thing to do today, so future generations can have trust in this most important of institutions.

Let’s get to work!


PS. To read the text of this initiative as it stands now, click here.