Gardner Promises
Last week, a CBS News investigative team reported on a recent fundraising junket to Florida for top congressional freshmen, where corporate executives and lobbyist insiders paid tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive access. 1

Colorado’s participant? Rep. Cory Gardner, naturally.

Since taking office last year, Rep. Gardner has become the darling of Washington special interests, with high-dollar fundraisers frequently documented by watchdog groups like the Sunlight Foundation. After pledging to “put Colorado families first” during his campaign for election, Rep. Gardner has become Colorado’s #1 special interest powerbroker. Nonpartisan monitoring group Maplight reports that Rep. Gardner has received more than $200,000 from the oil and gas industry alone. 2

CBS News reports that Rep. Gardner had many meetings with various business representatives and lobbyists during his recent Key Largo, Florida “getaway” with other top congressional freshmen—even serving as bartender for a $10,000 per person happy hour. The Coloradans Rep. Gardner represents have a right to know: who were these people who paid for intimate access to their representative in Congress, and what did they get in return?

Sign our petition calling on Rep. Cory Gardner to immediately disclose:


    1. The names and affiliated corporate interests of everyone Rep. Gardner met with in Key Largo,


    1. What Rep. Gardner’s “share” was of all monies paid by lobbyists and corporate executives to attend this “getaway,” including Rep. Gardner’s reported $10,000 per person “happy hour,” and


    1. What Rep. Gardner was asked to do in return.



We’ll share your names and comments with Rep. Gardner’s staff, other elected officials, and media throughout the fourth congressional district.

Since taking office barely a year ago, Rep. Gardner has rapidly become part of the problem in Washington, D.C. It’s unacceptable that one of our own members of Congress is featured in a national investigative news story about huge campaign donations from special interest groups.

Help us send the message to Rep. Cory Gardner loud and clear: Colorado won’t stand for this.