Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DENVER: Hundreds of supporters gathered at the Capitol yesterday morning to advocate for protecting women’s health and call out recent attacks on women both in Colorado and nationally. Many of these supporters also shared their opinion online about recent comments made by Colorado State Senator Brophy with ProgressNow Colorado.

More than a week ago, Sen. Brophy publicly defended Rush Limbaugh’s disparaging remarks about a law student who testified on Capitol Hill in Washington about contraceptive insurance coverage. Sen. Brophy told followers on Twitter that he too did not want to pay for “booze,” “spring break,” or birth control for the college student, Sandra Fluke of Georgetown University.

Here are a few of the comments received from ProgressNow Colorado members.

Kristian from Boulder:
“I’m truly disappointed to hear an elected official make such an offensive, uninformed, and unintelligent statement. Such language has no place in any constructive and intelligent discussion about our state’s and country’s need, regardless of party affiliation. As a Colorado voter and resident I demand an apology.”

Katie from Denver:
“Sen. Brophy, women use prescription birth control for many reasons, including the prevention of pregnancy. Comparing standard medical care with ‘booze and spring break’ is an insult to the 99% of women in this country who use contraception.”

Terrie from Longmont:
“His comments are out of hand. The political issues at hand should be taking care of America, jobs, the economy, what can we do to help our own people and not about what a woman’s choice should be.”

ProgressNow Colorado has received almost 2,000 petition signers and comments about Sen. Brophy’s remarks. These will be delivered to Sen. Brophy, the Denver radio station hosting Rush Limbaugh, and members of the media later this week.

“These are just a few of an outpouring of comments we received in the last week from Colorado citizens regarding Sen. Greg Brophy’s defense of Rush Limbaugh’s comments on women’s health and birth control,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Joanne Kron. “It’s clear from the feedback we’ve received that Republicans have abandoned the commitment they made to focus on jobs and the economy this year, and are choosing instead to meddle in women’s personal lives.”

“Based on everything we’re seeing today,” said Kron, “extreme conservatives will pay a heavy price for their ‘war on women’ at the polls this fall.”