Employment Opportunity ActAnother important piece of legislation to protect workers is up for debate in the Colorado Senate, and quick action is needed today to ensure it gets passed.

Although the economy is recovering slowly, every month since the recession began, more than a quarter of a million Coloradans face the challenge of unemployment.

The problem of finding employment is made even more difficult when employers can judge applicants based solely on their credit score. These scores can be unexpectedly impacted when income stops or is greatly reduced as someone loses a job. Unemployed Coloradans need help getting back on their feet.

Fortunately, Sen. Morgan Carroll of the Colorado Senate has introduced the Employment Opportunity Act, which restricts the use of credit information in hiring decisions when personal credit is not related to the job. Even the credit scoring agency FICO says credit scoring is not a useful predictor of an employee’s performance! The last thing we need to do is create unnecessary barrier
s for Colorado residents trying to get back to work.</span

Please click here: send a message instantly to your Colorado Senators, urging them to support Senate Bill 3, the Employment Opportunity Act.

Thanks for your timely help: the bill is set to come to a vote as early as Monday, so please don’t delay. This is been a tough recession for every Colorado family. Let’s do everything we can to put it behind us.