Senate Bill 1, Hire Colorado ActWe’re six weeks into the 2012 session of the Colorado legislature, and it’s becoming painfully obvious already who at the state Capitol is interested in job growth and prosperity—and who is obsessed with grandstands and partisan bickering.

One of the first official acts of conservatives in the Colorado House this year was to pass a meaningless resolution calling on the federal government to repeal “Obamacare.” (Denver Post, 1/22/2012) They then bizarrely proposed legislation to “solve” an imaginary problem involving lumber mills, (AP, 1/25/2012) and launched into a campaign to pass multiple bills to dramatically weaken Colorado’s sensible gun laws. (Denver Post, 1/29/2012).

In response, Curtis Hubbard, editor of the Denver Post says that the so-called conservative “focus on jobs” this year in Colorado makes one “wonder if they’re easily distracted or whether there was any focus to begin with.”

While the right wing panders to their most extreme supporters, today progressives in the Colorado legislature rolled out the centerpiece of their jobs and economy agenda: The “Hire Colorado Act.”

The Hire Colorado Act, also known as Senate Bill 1, is very simple: it creates a small preference in state contracts for companies that hire 90% Colorado resident workers to complete the project. If that company also provides those workers good pay and benefits, they get a little more preference. This is a simple step we can take right now to help Colorado businesses and Colorado workers succeed. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Click here to urge your legislators to get behind an actual job creation bill.

26 states already give a preference in state contracts to companies that hire local workers—including New Mexico and Wyoming! That means when Colorado companies try to bid for state contracts in those states, they are at a competitive disadvantage, but they don’t even get the same treatment here at home.

While the right wing plays partisan games that don’t help anyone, let’s get something done to help Colorado’s economy and create jobs. Click here to send a message instantly to your state representative and state senator, urging them to SUPPORT the Hire Colorado Act.

Thanks again. Working together, we’ll reject their silly distractions and stay focused on what matters. Let’s get people back to work in Colorado.