Launch of statewide petition calling on Tipton to take responsibility after he throws his chief of staff under the bus

January 20th, 2012

DENVER: Responding to exasperation on the Western Slope and Pueblo after a year of failed representation in Congress, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, launched a petition in the third congressional district calling on freshman Rep. Scott Tipton to begin taking his responsibilities to his constituents seriously.

“It’s gone from bad to worse for Colorado’s hapless freshman from Cortez,” said ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Joanne Kron. “After winning his seat in Congress as part of the ‘Tea Party wave’ of 2010, Tipton has been ranked as one of the most vulnerable members of Congress in the entire nation in the general election to be held this November.” 1

And there’s a good reason: Scott Tipton turned his back on constituents and made a mockery of his time in office. After being elected on a platform that promised “no cuts” to Medicare, accusing his opponent of “scaring seniors,” he voted for legislation to privatize Medicare. 2 Tipton has delayed needed transportation projects on the Western Slope over miniscule objections, which he later dropped. 3 Tipton and his family was caught in an ethics scandal, using Tipton’s name to sell business products from a company owned by another family member, that resulted in a formal apology to the House Ethics Committee. 4 The combination of these problems has led to a loss of support for Tipton, including the recent resignation of his locally-trusted chief of staff Mike Hesse. 5 Tipton has subsequently attempted to blame his former chief of staff through surrogates for his poor fundraising and bad constituent relations. 6

“We’re asking ProgressNow Colorado members and other constituents in Scott Tipton’s district to demand he begin to take seriously the needs of his constituents,” said Kron. “Unfortunately, there’s still time enough this year for Tipton to do plenty of harm.”